The fall isn't the worst. The climb back up is.


May 2015


There is always a standard to be Good enough  But what if have never been Good enough  Not enough at singing  Dancing Painting  Not enough to be Cared for Thought of Befriended Even if you've worked but your patience has... Continue Reading →



It hurts It burns It stings I'm concerned  With my sanity With my faith  Will it stand strong Or will it be lost like a waif I want to succeed  But continue to fail  It burns It hurts It stings... Continue Reading →


Taking steps back When I'm thinking forward Falling down When I'm trying to stand Feeling pain While trying to remain sane Giving up When my soul says fight Hiding in the dark While I crave the light Feeling weak While... Continue Reading →


Some people crave food Fame Fortune Money Other thing that are basically the same They crave the superficial They crave friends and love But they crave it superficially But I I want real friends Miss me with all the extra All... Continue Reading →


I'm tired Tired of being stepped on Of being pushed out of the way, Tired of being used and pushed around day to day, Deep down the pain burns, My stomach churns, My eyes water, As my anger gets hotter,... Continue Reading →

From The Eyes of Trayvon 

Young and innocent Young and free, Now sad and dead is what I be, I was just walking you didn't know me, Think about it see what I see, My mama weeping , My family not sleeping, The ones I... Continue Reading →

Why? – 1

What wrong with me, Am I blind  can I not see, Why do I fall  when I know to stand, Why do I let go  when you have my hand, Why do I turn back  when I should move ahead,... Continue Reading →


Rushing flooding through my veins thumping pumping in my head, Pushing pulling at my peace shaking breaking making me see red, Breathing gasping to calm down holding me to down and I can't get out, Listening talking so I can... Continue Reading →

Falling For You

My heart is bursting at the seams, You say you love me only in my dreams, Still writing still dreaming, Everything seeming, To get better and better, Not worst and worst, My head in my knees, My imagination runs as... Continue Reading →

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