I feel it call for me,

Yell  for me,

Tell to me,

That it’s okay,

To feel these things . . .

that are wrong,

I pray to be strong,

To hold God’s hand . . .

for as long,

As I can . . .

’till I know where I belong,

But I still feel lost,

trying to hold on to God . . .

not matter the cost,

My friends, my wishes, my dreams,

The things that sound good . . .

no matter how bad it seems,

The words I say,

The music I hear everyday,

What reads,

News feeds,

Everyone follows who leads,

But it’s so hard to push it away,

Harder than it is not to feel the sun’s warm ray,

To not feel your heart’s beat,

Or to have no body heat,

As hard as it is I will . . .

Conquer it,

Overcome it,

Defeat it,

So when that voice comes . . .

I will push,

As hard as I can . . .

to make it shush.