The fall isn't the worst. The climb back up is.


July 2015

Thank You

Thank you for your words For being there for me For dispelling the negative And planting a seed Of positivity Of peace Then helping it bloom into a tree Leaf by leaf For pushing me farther than I could go... Continue Reading →


In a Dark Blue Feeling – 3

Am I human to you Do you know that I feel Do you know that I feel A pain that is real Am I Do you No I don't think so Because if you did You'd treat me better You'd... Continue Reading →

Who Am I?

Who am I to speak to you, Who am I to claim honesty the truth, Who am I to breathe this air, Who am I to want equality and what is fair, Who am I to dream, Who am I... Continue Reading →


Other people's words It's what other people say You listen Deal with it Everyday So breathe Think about you Don't be focused on the trivial Be focused on what's true What they say What they do Doesn't matter When you're... Continue Reading →

In a Dark Blue Feeling – 2

It's all your fault You know it is, You trust You talk You're no wiz, You keep making the same mistakes Slipping and slipping again, You're so used to losses What is a win, You let people hurt you Get... Continue Reading →

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