Who am I to speak

to you,

Who am I to claim honesty

the truth,

Who am I to breathe

this air,

Who am I to want equality and

what is fair,

Who am I to dream,

Who am I to make everything


That my life is perfect and happy,

And everything is fine,

That yeah I’ll be ready when it comes time,

But sometimes I feel lost,

But I will find my way back

to the cross,

Because my purpose is waiting

for me,

Don’t let me be blind

let me see,

Lord give me your hand,

Let me stand,

In the light instead of

the dark,

But who am I to call

on you,

Who am I to call

your name,

Who am I to believe,

Lord who am I to be so vain,

Because I know the glory is yours

and it belongs to you,

But sadly deep down I crave some glory


So forgive me for my sins,

Forgive me for being vain,

But who am I to dare to ask forgiveness

in Jesus’s name.