I remember when I was small,

Innocent, oblivious, a fly on the wall,

You’d hold me in your arms and call me cute names,

Tell me tall tales, and give me great games,

You’d sing sweet songs and pat me to sleep,

I would have no anxieties, no reason to weep,

I felt safe from evils, protected from harm,

Because I always had a safe place there, in your arms,

But now that I’m older some of that’s gone away,

Maybe because of my actions or the words I say,

Maybe because I’m “too grown” or other stuff,

Maybe because times have gotten harder and I’ve gotten rough,

So even though I can’t wait to start my own life,

Become an engineer, a woman, a mother, a wife,

Sometimes I can’t sleep and sometimes I cry,

Because all the good things that will be left behind,

Because once I grow up there is no return,

No hiding, no stopping, no “on the backburn”,

No more hiding or running into your arms,

Because they are still a place I feel safe from harm,

No 24/7 wisdom trust,

No do this, or do that, because you must,

Because once I grow up there’s no going back,

Science has proved that this is a fact,

But if I could,

Believe me, I would,

And this time, I would enjoy it like I should.