The fall isn't the worst. The climb back up is.


Blue’s Favorites

Up I Grow

I remember when I was small, Innocent, oblivious, a fly on the wall, You'd hold me in your arms and call me cute names, Tell me tall tales, and give me great games, You'd sing sweet songs and pat me... Continue Reading →


Who Am I?

Who am I to speak to you, Who am I to claim honesty the truth, Who am I to breathe this air, Who am I to want equality and what is fair, Who am I to dream, Who am I... Continue Reading →

Simply Put

Simply put You were wrong Not right It happens to everyone Day or night We sin We fall We struggle We stall We continue to try To be Correct But little do we know This can affect The way we... Continue Reading →

From The Eyes of Trayvon 

Young and innocent Young and free, Now sad and dead is what I be, I was just walking you didn't know me, Think about it see what I see, My mama weeping , My family not sleeping, The ones I... Continue Reading →

Falling For You

My heart is bursting at the seams, You say you love me only in my dreams, Still writing still dreaming, Everything seeming, To get better and better, Not worst and worst, My head in my knees, My imagination runs as... Continue Reading →


Sweet Sweet Truth Sweet Sweet Lies, Sweet Sweet Smiles Sweet Sweet Cries, Sweet Sweet Pleasure Sweet Sweet Pain, Sweet Sweet Love You Drive Me Insane, Sweet Sweet Stay Sweet Sweet Leave, Sweet Continuation Sweet Reprieve, Sweet Sweet Touch Sweet Sweet... Continue Reading →

Touch Us

Touch us Lord touch us all, Touch us let us hear your call, Fill our spirits fill our souls, Fill so the bad won't take control, Touch us Lord touch them touch me, Touch us so we can open our... Continue Reading →


Don't care because you think you must, Care because you care, Care because you dare, Care because you love, Care because I am someone worthy of, Your time, Send me a sign, That you care, Because sometimes life is a... Continue Reading →


I wrote this poem which is written in series for a friend who doesn't see how valuable and important she is. The reason this is so important to me is I used to feel like that constantly and still battle with it now. Remember you are fearfully and wonderfully made. The people around you care for you and want you to succeed.

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