The fall isn't the worst. The climb back up is.


Clear Blue

For You

Tell me  Why you act like that Why you wanna be like that Baby can't you see that You are perfect  Beautifully and wonderfully made  You shine bright  Like a diamond A jewel A jade So stop wandering off the... Continue Reading →


Thank You

Thank you for your words For being there for me For dispelling the negative And planting a seed Of positivity Of peace Then helping it bloom into a tree Leaf by leaf For pushing me farther than I could go... Continue Reading →

Who Am I?

Who am I to speak to you, Who am I to claim honesty the truth, Who am I to breathe this air, Who am I to want equality and what is fair, Who am I to dream, Who am I... Continue Reading →


You lead me Through the dark Into the light Showing me How things work And wrong from right Father Thank you for leading me And teaching me In the way that is Right You lead me Away from My fears... Continue Reading →


Some people crave food Fame Fortune Money Other thing that are basically the same They crave the superficial They crave friends and love But they crave it superficially But I I want real friends Miss me with all the extra All... Continue Reading →

Why? – 1

What wrong with me, Am I blind  can I not see, Why do I fall  when I know to stand, Why do I let go  when you have my hand, Why do I turn back  when I should move ahead,... Continue Reading →


Rushing flooding through my veins thumping pumping in my head, Pushing pulling at my peace shaking breaking making me see red, Breathing gasping to calm down holding me to down and I can't get out, Listening talking so I can... Continue Reading →

Touch Us

Touch us Lord touch us all, Touch us let us hear your call, Fill our spirits fill our souls, Fill so the bad won't take control, Touch us Lord touch them touch me, Touch us so we can open our... Continue Reading →


I feel it call for me, Yell  for me, Tell to me, That it's okay, To feel these things . . . that are wrong, I pray to be strong, To hold God's hand . . . for as long,... Continue Reading →

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