The fall isn't the worst. The climb back up is.


Light Blue


Little bud, Little flower, Little beauty, Little power, Grow, Grow, Bloom, Bloom, Emerge, Emerge, The boom, Boom, You'll be what you were created to be, What you always knew others will see, So do not hide, Do not cower, Blossom because... Continue Reading →


Falling For You

My heart is bursting at the seams, You say you love me only in my dreams, Still writing still dreaming, Everything seeming, To get better and better, Not worst and worst, My head in my knees, My imagination runs as... Continue Reading →


Sweet Sweet Truth Sweet Sweet Lies, Sweet Sweet Smiles Sweet Sweet Cries, Sweet Sweet Pleasure Sweet Sweet Pain, Sweet Sweet Love You Drive Me Insane, Sweet Sweet Stay Sweet Sweet Leave, Sweet Continuation Sweet Reprieve, Sweet Sweet Touch Sweet Sweet... Continue Reading →


Frequently I feel it deep deep down, When I "destroy"  it comes back around, My heart is no longer safe and sound, Because when you're near I hear it pound, I tell myself no stay back, My sanity and my... Continue Reading →

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