The fall isn't the worst. The climb back up is.


Recently Written

Think of Me

Do you want me to be angry, Do you want me to be mean, Can you not stand to see me happy, Just living life, Enjoying the breeze, Why must you give me attitude, Why must you give me sass,... Continue Reading →



Little bud, Little flower, Little beauty, Little power, Grow, Grow, Bloom, Bloom, Emerge, Emerge, The boom, Boom, You'll be what you were created to be, What you always knew others will see, So do not hide, Do not cower, Blossom because... Continue Reading →

Fall 2016 – 1

Who am I, What makes me tick, What makes these words rhyme, What make these rhymes sick, What makes this voice boom, What makes this heart beat, What makes the ground quake, Breaking underneath my feet, What makes them listen,... Continue Reading →

Up I Grow

I remember when I was small, Innocent, oblivious, a fly on the wall, You'd hold me in your arms and call me cute names, Tell me tall tales, and give me great games, You'd sing sweet songs and pat me... Continue Reading →

Why? – 2

Why Why do I care Why do I give  Like I have spare Why do I speak Why do I tell Why is my mind  My own little jail  Why do I stand When I can sit Why do I... Continue Reading →

Do You Ever

Do you ever wanna Run towards your future But away from your past Enjoy every moment That you wanted to last Breathe in the sun Enjoy the rain Beam with happiness Live through pain Lay in the sand Play in... Continue Reading →

Finish line 

Run run Wind rushing through you hair Run run Breathe in and out the air Run run Keep running don't you stop Run run Watch the ticking clock Run run Time is slipping sand Run run As fast as you... Continue Reading →

For You

Tell me  Why you act like that Why you wanna be like that Baby can't you see that You are perfect  Beautifully and wonderfully made  You shine bright  Like a diamond A jewel A jade So stop wandering off the... Continue Reading →

Two Sides

There are two sides to every person You'd think But there's three One for the public My loved ones And one Just for me Sometimes beautiful and bright is the one you see But if you've seen the dark glimmer... Continue Reading →

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