The fall isn't the worst. The climb back up is.


Throwback To An Earlier Time

From The Eyes of Trayvon 

Young and innocent Young and free, Now sad and dead is what I be, I was just walking you didn't know me, Think about it see what I see, My mama weeping , My family not sleeping, The ones I... Continue Reading →


Falling For You

My heart is bursting at the seams, You say you love me only in my dreams, Still writing still dreaming, Everything seeming, To get better and better, Not worst and worst, My head in my knees, My imagination runs as... Continue Reading →


I feel it call for me, Yell  for me, Tell to me, That it's okay, To feel these things . . . that are wrong, I pray to be strong, To hold God's hand . . . for as long,... Continue Reading →

Baby Girl

The first poem I wrote for a friend who needed encouragement and didn't understand how important and special she is. Remember you are unique.


Even when the storm is going, Wind is blowing, Water is flinging, Trees are slinging, God is calling, As we're falling, Standing us up, Filling our cup, Giving us food for the soul, Giving us something that will never get... Continue Reading →


Thinking - thoughts run through my head, Dreaming - what I do in my bed, Writing - uses a pencil or pen, With Christ on my side - I know I'll win, Death - the key to the next door, Heaven... Continue Reading →

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